Fascination About תגיש לי

This type of examining also traces the oppressive foci that perpetuate Girls's marginality and reification, as an example, traditional heterosexual coupledom that imposes on Women of all ages a life of wives inferior to their husbands and sure to loved ones care. An additional illustration is different social arrangements, such as the lawful system, Launched on regulations made by and for guys and not referring to the feminine standpoint; Furthermore the economic program, which makes certain the retention of economic assets in the male area of interest and dictates Within this gentle woman demands and A selection of Ladies's acts of survival to gain access to financial resources[three].

צעדיו של בן האיכר מובחנים מן הקולות האחרים אותם למדה הילדה לזהות.TheThe footsteps of your farmer's son distinctive from other Appears the Female realized to recognize. So as to keep away from mentioning את הזוועה שחווה הילדה היא נמנעת מלתאר והספירה הסינקדוכית מחליפה את תיאור האירוע.the horror experienced inside the pit, the grandmother works by using synecdoche which replaces the hard Main description from the function. גם כאשר היא מספרת על קריאות האיכרים "סטפן, מה אתה מחפש למטה?

על תרומתך הרבה לנשים באדום ולכתיבת ערכים כחלק ממיזם ויקי נשים.

This screenshot reveals exactly the same edit since the wikitext diff. The visual diff highlights the removal of 1 term as well as addition of a new sentence.

For those who produced this file, you should Observe that The point that it has been proposed for deletion isn't going to essentially mean that we do not value your type contribution. It simply implies that a person particular person believes that there's some specific difficulty with it, for instance a copyright problem.

אינני יודע ואין מילים בפי כיצד להודות לך; העובדה שנתת בי אמון וסמכת עליי- החמיאה ועודנה מחמיאה לי מאוד.

המחשבה שארתור בורמן יכול היה לחיות שנים רבות נוספות כשהוא נתמך כי אף אחד לא האמין בו – היא שנגעה בי.

Be aware more info that any unsourced and untagged pictures are going to be deleted a person 7 days when they are uploaded, as described on requirements for fast deletion. Should you have uploaded other media, make sure you Examine that you've got specified their source and copyright tagged them, way too.

In the event you developed this file, make sure you Take note that The reality that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't necessarily necessarily mean that we don't worth your type contribution. It simply ensures that one particular particular person believes that there's some precise dilemma with it, like a copyright issue.

Observe that any unsourced and untagged photos will be deleted a person 7 days after they have been uploaded, as explained on requirements for speedy deletion.


Wikimedia Commons requires copyright violations pretty significantly and persistent violators will probably be blocked from editing.

File:Judean_Desert_IMG_1900.JPG has been listed at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Group can explore no matter if it should be held or not. We might take pleasure in it if you may visit voice your opinion concerning this at its entry.

My queries: 1. how can all of the stamps be restored? 2. Based on this w:he:ויקיפדיה:זכויות יוצרים#מותר ללא הגבלה Israeli stamps are PD, is there a need for even more clarification on this situation?

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